Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Visiting with Great Grammy Mal

We went to Revere yesterday to visit your Great Grammy Mal. We spent the day with her and you were a really really good girl. You played most of the time, and gave lots of smiles. Great Grammy loved seeing you! You really brightened up her day! You even took a nap on her king size bed. Mommy was so glad you didnt get to cranky after a long day. Great Grammy Mal is so special to Mommy and she wants you to be able to spend as much time as possible with her! Hopefully we will go for another visit next week!!

Here is a picture of you with Great Grammy Mal from easter! She looooves to hold you!

Monday, September 28, 2009

Time to start solids!

You ate prunes last night and loved them!! You made the most disgusted face after every bite but kept wanting more! It was the first food you had tried besides rice, barley, and oatmeal cereal. Next week we are going to try peas! Hopefully they are as much of a success! You made such a mess, even had some in your hair, up your nose everywhere! Mommy hates when you get your clothes dirty so she sat you in your high chair wearing just a diaper! Daddy says Mommy is crazy and babies get messy! You were in the bath a few minutes after eating. Her are some pictures of you enjoying the prunes!

Friday, September 18, 2009

Our tiny treasure more precious than gold has captured our hearts forever to hold

You were baptised at Sacred Hearts parish in Bradford Massachusetts on Sunday June 28, 2009 at 1:30 pm. You were almost 3 months old. We went shopping with Auntie Jenn and got you a beautiful white gown. Mommy is going to keep it in a safe place so that someday maybe your daughter can wear it on the day she is baptised.
The ceremony was beautiful. You sat on Mommy's lap and slept most of the time. When it was your turn to have the holy water poured over your head you immediately woke up but didn't cry! The priest said you were his only little girl that day! There were about 6 other babies that got baptised with you but you were one of the youngest.
We went home and had a big party at our new home! We had pretty much moved in a week before and had boxes that still were not even unpacked! We got it ready though with much stress and Mommy irritating Daddy!
You had so many family and friends share in your special day. Your met your great Nana Ruby, and of course Great Grammy Mal and Great Grandpa Bob were there. Grammy and Grandpa Smith, Nana and Pops Powell. Auntie Jenn and Uncle Derek are your godparents. Tons of friends were there and your whole family! There was a ridiculous number of people in our home that day! Anytime there is something to do with you, it seems our home is filled with family, friends, love and laughter! Everyone is so amazing in wanting to watch you on this journey of life!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

We're Moving!!

Mommy and Daddy bought a house in October of 2008. It was new construction so we were waiting to move in when it was finished! Auntie Jenn and Uncle Derek bought the other half of the duplex. We thought we would be moved in by February but when the builder slacked off.....We didn't get to move in until after you were born! We moved into our house on June 16th 2009! It was a long stressful process but we are so happy to have a home we own to raise you in! We love our new home it is beautiful! You have your own room and even you own bathroom which I'm pretty sure you will appreciate when you become a teenager! There are lots of other kids on our street and we have great neighbors! You will never not have anyone to play with! There are always kids riding their bikes outside our house around the circle! We couldn't have picked a better neighborhood to raise our family! We are so excited to spend the holidays here with you!

Mommy has to go back to work

June 25th 2009 was the first day Mommy had to leave you all day! I couldnt believe that my 13 weeks home with you were already over! Thank goodness it was only part time and your auntie Jenn was home for the summers so she could watch you! I hated every minute I was at work and you were at home. It was nice to see all of my work friends, but I hated being apart from you. It got a little easier as time went on but I still hate leaving you to go to work! Maybe one day when we hit the lottery or Daddy gets a big raise Mommy can stay home with you all the time! We want you to be able to do anything you want! Sports, or swimming, or music! We dont want you not to be able to do something because of money so both Mommy and Daddy have to work!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Welcome Home Olivia!

When we brought you home from the hospital it was exciting, overwhelming, and pure bliss! You filled our home with happiness and laughter, some tears and lots of smiles! You had so many visitors. Mommy and Daddy had so much help from everyone! We designed your nursery in purples, pinks, and greens! We lived at an apartment in haverhill while our house was being built! You still had your own big room and your own bathroom! The first few days or I should say weeks home you rarely slept at night. You were a great sleeper during the day but seemed to have your days and nights mixed up! Daddy had to go back to work soon after you were born but he loved coming home to see you! You were a really good newborn. You did however have this cry that was louder than I had ever heard a baby cry! When you were born the nurses told us you had quite the set of continue to prove that to us everyday! We still love you though! Mommy spent 13 weeks home with you before she had to return to work part-time. Your Auntie Jenn, Grammy, and Nana all took turns watching you when Mommy had to go back to work. We have been so lucky to have family and friends watch you while Mommy and Daddy are at work! You haven't had to go to a daycare yet!!

The day you arrived!!

It was the day of Mommy's due date...April 1st, 2009. The contractions began and Mommy and Daddy knew our little princess was going to be here soon!! We went to the hospital at noon on April 1st only to be sent home for no progress. So mommy labored at home until about midnight when Daddy said we had to go back to the hospital! Mommy was scared to go back because she didn't want the disappointment of being sent home again. We got there and Mommy was checked and immediatly admitted! They nurse was shocked how far along we were since Mommy seemed calm she said. Once we got into a room the nurse called the dr to tell him that mommy was 6 cm and that this little baby girl was going to be here soon!! Daddy was so excited! He said "lets do this!" Mommy was scared and excited! We couldnt believe what we had waited 9 long months for was finally about to happen! You arrived at 5:20 am on April 2, 2009. You were 7 lbs 0 oz and 19 inches long! You wre soooo tiny! We couldnt believe how something so small could take our whole hearts! You were absolutely perfect! This blog is for you Olivia--to read about your life, your family, and your freinds. We love you so very much and hope you enjoy reading this when you are older. You have so many people that love you and care about you. You are truly blessed!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Mommy and Daddy are getting married!!

Daddy just found he was deploying to Iraq. He would be leaving January 16th 2007. Mommy will never forget when Daddy called to tell her the news. She was devastated. She was home in Massachusetts while Daddy was stationed at Camp Lejeune in North Carolina. Daddy had proposed to Mommy in April of 2006 and we were planning to get married after daddy was done serving in the Marine Corps. When we got the news of deployment however, plans changed and Mommy and Daddy decided to get married before he left! A beautiful wedding was planned at the Topsfield Commons in Topsfield Massachusetts. All of Mommy and Daddy's closest family and friends would be attending the wedding. We had about 200 guests! The wedding was on Friday December 29th and was absolutely perfect! It was a winter wonderland themed wedding. Daddy wore his dress blues and Mommy wore a beautiful sparkly white dress! The bottom had beading on it that looked like snow! Mommy's maid of honor was Auntie Jenn and her bridesmaids were Desiree, Bridget, and Samantha. Daddy's best man was Uncle Scott, and his groomsmen were Uncle Jake, Uncle Andy, and Clyde! We had the most wonderful bridal party. Leading up to the wedding Grammy and Auntie Jenn and the bridesmaids threw Mommy the most beautiful wedding shower! It was at Mommy's friend Samantha's moms house. We got so many amazing things to start off our life together!

The day of the wedding was cold!! No snow, just very cold out. We can remember it like yesterday. Mommy and Daddy hadn't seen each other since the day before and couldn't wait to see each other! Mommy got her hair, nails, and toes done before the wedding! It was so much fun getting ready with all her girls!

When it was time for Mommy to walk down the aisle she was so nervous and so excited! Grandpa walked Mommy down the aisle where Daddy was standing there with a big smile! The ceremony was beautiful! Great Grammy Mal made a speech and talked about your other Great Grammy Charlene who couldn't be at the wedding because she had passed away. We all know that she was there in spirit though making sure everything went perfectly! The priest mentioned Daddy deploying to Iraq and all the other men and woman serving their country. There were not many dry eyes in the room. At the end of the ceremony Mommy and Daddy walked down the aisle together as Mr and Mrs Powell! We walked to Shania Twain's from this moment on.

The whole night was amazing, our first dance was to Keeper of the stars by Tracy Byrd, our last dance was Far Away by Nickelback. Mommy and Grandpa danced to butterfly kisses and Daddy and Nana danced to My son.

It was a night we both will never forget! Mommy could go on and on and on about that day but if you just ask for stories we will tell you lots!

How Mommy and Daddy met


Mommy and Daddy met when we were in High School. We both attended Haverhill High School, but actually met at our part-time job-- Market Basket! Mommy was 17 and Daddy was 18 when we met! We officially started dating December 3rd 2002. We were seniors and getting ready to graduate. Mommy decided to stay local and attend the community college, Northern Essex. Daddy decided he was going to become a United States Marine. Since at the time we were only dating for a few months, Mommy didn't question Daddy joining the Marines. Mommy started school in September and Daddy left for Marine Corp boot camp in October. It was one of the hardest Goodbyes that mommy and daddy had to say, but you will soon hear about all of the "see you laters" they had to say! It was a long journey that we took to get were we are today and we cant wait to tell you all the stories!
We hold her hands....She holds our hearts!
Olivia Taylor Powell
7lbs 0 oz 19 in