Tuesday, October 6, 2009

You really can not already be 6 months old.....can you?

Yes it's true! You are 6 months old! My little baby girl is no longer a newborn. You are growing way too fast! The biggest cliche ever I know but time is flying. I need to really learn to just relax and enjoy each and everyday I have with you. It seems like it was just yesterday we brought our little 7 lb newborn home from the hospital. You are sitting up on your own, trying to crawl, standing while holding onto Mommy and Daddy's hands, laughing and even trying new foods! We went for your 6 month appointment today and saw Dr Lee. He said you are very inquisitive!! You weighed in at 15 lbs 13 oz and are 26 inches long! Mommy can't believe how big you are getting! You had to get lots of shots to keep you healthy and you didn't like them one bit!! Within a few minutes of crying though you were back to your normal happy self!
We hold her hands....She holds our hearts!
Olivia Taylor Powell
7lbs 0 oz 19 in