Monday, January 11, 2010

It's a diva kind of life!

You got your first coach purse from Auntie Bridget and Auntie Sha Sha! It is gorgeous, and Mommy may even have to borrow it sometime. You were given the nickname Diva by Auntie Sha Sha by the time you were two weeks old! Everyday you continue to live up to that name.....Daddy is in some serious trouble!

We're going swimming!!

In January! You started swim class at the YWCA in Newburyport. We got every Tuesday morning at 9:35 am. Grammy was able to come to your first class to help Mommy figure out how she was going to change you and me! You really enjoyed being in the pool which is a good thing since Mommy loves to be in the water! Your teachers name is Vickie and she is very nice! We sang songs in the water and floated around. You did not like being on your back at all! When they sang the wheels on the bus you laughed the entire time! Since crawling is not your thing, maybe swimming will be!

Monday, January 4, 2010

9 month growth spurt is going to be the death of me!

It's 8:30 am and Mommy was awake most of the night with you for the 3rd day in a row. I am barely even thinking correctly! My mind keeps going over and over what could be wrong....teethe? reaching a milestone? hungry? Maybe all three?? Your top teeth are trying to come in, and you are soooo close to crawling it is ridiculous! and you seem to be hungry at night which has made Mommy reintroduce a nighttime feeding which you haven't done since you were 3 months old! I sure hope this passes quickly, because we both need our beauty sleep!

Let's see, its been awhile since I last updated your blog. We welcomed in the New year 2010 by staying home, ordering subs, and watching movies! You went to bed before the ball dropped...maybe next year? We went to Grammy and Grandpas camp and went sledding! You loved it! We got so much snow, Daddy and Grandpa were able to use the snowmobiles while Mommy and Grammy pulled you around on your sled. What else do I need to update on??? Oh, of course! Your first Christmas!!! We spent Christmas eve at Great Grandpas house! You were such a good girl and played most of the night working on your crawling skills with Grandpa. Christmas day we went to Nana and Papas house in the morning,Uncle and Andy and Lindsay were there! You got a cool ride on toy, and some new clothes! Then we went to Great Grammy Mals house for Christmas Day. What a beautiful Christmas we had. Great Grandpa came there too, with Great Auntie, Uncle Bob, Nikolette, Danielle, Mike, Grammy, Grandpa, and Auntie! It was such a special Christmas for you. Your first and it was spent with everyone who loves you! That night we went to Aunties house and opened presents from Auntie and Uncle Derek and Grammy and Grandpa...It goes without saying you are spoiled...and spoiled with love as Great Grammy Mal would say!
We hold her hands....She holds our hearts!
Olivia Taylor Powell
7lbs 0 oz 19 in