Sunday, February 6, 2011

2nd Birthday Party Planning

In just two very short months you will be turning two years old. I feel like just yesterday I was writing a blog about your 1st birthday party planning. Wow, what a difference a year makes in the life of a 22 month old. You are a little person with ideas, wants, needs, a view on this crazy world that is only yours. You have opinions, throw tantrums, and most importantly are the sweetest little thing I have ever seen. You say things like
"Goodnight Mama, Sweet Dreams, I love you".
"Be careful driving Daddy we love you"
"I'll find it"
"Oh My Gawwwwd"
and so many more things I could no way list them all here! Your vocabulary is amazing and it makes me think back to when you were just a few months old and my biggest worries were if you would develop normally and learn to talk and how do I know if I am teaching you all the right things in order to get you to talk. Should I give you the pacifier or will that delay your speech, are sippy cups ok or are they better with straws? I have no idea what we did right or wrong with you....or if it even mattered either way. I do know however it was a big old waste of time worrying and I should have just enjoyed the ride a little bit more. You would learn at your own pace and you would be fine! I can remember stressing because you weren't walking on your first everything ok? Why isn't she walking yet? What a waste of time....the day you learned how to walk you started running the next day. Now you are jumping and skipping and perfect!
Anyways I have two months to reminisce on your second year of life, no need to get emotional already. Really though, your second year in this world is already almost behind us and now we are moving onto bigger and better things, like potty training and preschool or atleast thinking bout those things. Scares Mommy to death, but hopefully I remind myself over and over to enjoy this ride and watch this life through your eyes to truly enjoy it
2nd birthday party bash is going to be on Saturday April 2nd (your actual birthday) at Amazement in Bradford. We are going to do a Strawberry Shortcake theme. Mommy has found the invitations she wants to order, and a cake that she wants made. The only other ideas we have so far are all the guests making their own strawberry shortcakes! We will just base the whole party around strawberry themed foods and of course Mommy has found you the perfect strawberry outfit! Heres a little sneak peek at the planning!
Birthday cake will look something similar to this....
Invitations will be made from this seller on etsy and look just like this.....

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