Sunday, February 13, 2011

Come swing on by for a Birthday Party! Our little Monkey is turning two!

(this cake is from

A complete change of heart in your 2nd birthday party plans. The theme for this years birthday party is going to be Monkeys!! Since you are our little monkey and love monkeys its a perfect fit! I have already ordered your adorable dress, picked out invitations, have sent the picture of the cake we are going to have made to the baker, and decided on favors. We have one major dilemma...we have yet decided where to have it! When writing the guest list we counted 60 plus people. So much for having a small party this year. Anyways, our house can not exactly accommodate 60 people so now we are trying to figure out where to have it. I know it really doesnt matter as long as our family and friends are there to celebrate with us, but I just want to make sure everyone is comfortable and has a great time.

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